Long Wispy Lashes

Every woman’s dream is to possess long, wispy lashes that last a lifetime. Unfortunately, genes and aging contribute to lash falls, making this ambition too grand. It is exactly this frustration that drives the beauty industry to invent falsies, the most natural-looking possible.

Different brands, lengths, and styles saturate the market these days. Women are no longer limited to the conventional full-length, dark and bold falsies. Now, they have the option to even create custom lash looks using different materials (synthetic, mink or horse hair), styles (layered, doll-eyed, cat-eyed, or natural effect), and colors (brown, black, purple, or green).

Of the many different designs, feathery textures are the ultimate people’s choice — wispy as the lash industry calls the design. Before dropping brand names, let’s get acquainted with foolproof tips to finding the right brand.

Finding the Right Brand for Long Wispy Lashes

Given the market saturation, the common question lash consumers ask is how can they find the perfect pair of natural-looking long, feather-like falsies. Well, there are many ways.

The hard way is to try every brand or at least physically examine the lash in-store. Feeling the texture and seeing the designs in person guarantee a sounder decision-making process. Nonetheless, it’s very rare for brick-and-mortar stores to allow users to try on the lash due to hygiene considerations. Also, jumping from one stall to another might be time-consuming and tiresome. You may not have the energy and time to undergo this shopping ordeal.

The safe way is to seek recommendations from friends who are advocates of fake eyelashes and from beauty experts like makeup artists and cosmetologists. Word-of-mouth is still the most effective and reliable form of selling, after all. You get authentic reviews from first-hand users. Nonetheless, preference and product experience are subjective. Lashes that work well on your friend’s almond shaped eyes may not go well with your extra wide, small slits.

The easy way is to go online. Read reviews, search magazine ranking, visit online forums, and browse selections. Some brands use augmented reality technology that allow users to try different lash styles over the web. Battington, a luxury lash brand, partners with the marketing tech company FaceCake to create an app that enables users to experiment different silk lash looks. This spells convenience and fun online shopping experience for consumers.

Ardell Wispies, Preferred by Consumers

Following all three methods described, Ardell Wispies apparently emerges as the highly recommended brand for quality and affordable lashes. The designs are diversely beautiful. Each is uniquely attractive that when women put the lashes on, their eyes become passionately alive.

The two must-have Ardell lashes are the Ardell Natural 120 pack and the infamous Ardell Wispies. The former consists of 5 natural-looking lash pairs with shorter strands at the inner corner and longer at the outer end. The crisscross pattern makes the Natural 120 pairs appear messy yet full. They are the perfect pair to wear for an effortless cat-eye effect and glam look.

Secondly, the Wispies — the crowd’s favorite. Not only are they naturally-looking, they are feathery, light, and sturdy. Without going over the top, the Wispies enhance the graceful beauty of your eyes. They can be worn even under broad daylight for the texture is silky-soft and the design is delicate yet capable of giving full coverage.

The Wispies collection presents variations, too. They include baby wispies (slightly longer strands in the center than at the outer ends), demi wispies (the typical cat-eye pattern), and the double demi wispies (thick layers of criss-crossed strands resembling the demi pattern). Ardell even offers multi-packs, suitable for frequent fake lashes users.

You can browse Ardell’s website to see other choices. Their mink collection might just be what you need — glamorous and sophisticated, yet never ostentatious. Ardell Deluxe pack, lastly, is highly recommended for beginners since the kit consists of easy-to-attach falsies, adhesive, and applicator.

Other Lash Brands

Of course, there are other equally beautiful lash brands, too. Huda and Makeup Forever are among those with consistent good ratings. Artemes has fantastic and creative lash designs, albeit pricier. The convenient Vassuol magnetic lashes and the no-trim Velour lashes are nice finds but at the premium end.

Shopping for falsies, trivial as it may seem to others, can be fun, too. Since it’s a high-involvement purchase, following the 3 different shopping ways above will help you significantly. You may have a different verdict on which lash brand stands out.