Strategies on How to Effectively Take Care of Your Health

Health Care

There are tons of health strategies available online that are presented to readers. But there are only a few that are really effective. It’s important to consider trying these effective strategies especially when you are busy in school or at work, so that you take care of yourself even when you don’t have enough time to exercise.

Apart from practicing a healthy diet and enrolling yourself in an online exercise course, it would be beneficial to practice these health techniques. They are very effective and you will eventually see the good results after a few weeks of applying them.

Here are simple strategies on how to effectively take care of your health:

Drink warm water and lemon

It’s common for most adults to start their day with coffee. However, coffee can easily dehydrate your body and is very acidic. It can exhaust the liver and increase cortisol levels, which can hinder toxins and fat from being burned or eliminated from the body. Instead try replacing coffee with a cup of warm water, squeeze in a juice of half a lemon and add apple cider vinegar. This recipe can help your digestion and boost your metabolism. It happens to be good for the liver, too. The mixture has proven to be very hydrating.

Limit added sugar intake

For men, limit your sugar intake to only 150 calories or 37.5 grams per day. It’s about equivalent to 9 teaspoons. For women, limit sugar to only 100 calories or 25 grams per day. That would be about 6 teaspoons.

Eat healthy snacks

Avoid junk foods and other processed foods during snack time. Go for walnuts instead. They are rich in brain nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids that help to stimulate your brain and your nervous system.

Chew properly

This is sometimes ignored because we tend to be in a hurry during lunch breaks so that we get to finish our paperwork. But this strategy is essential in the digestion process. For each bite, try to chew for 24 to 30 times. This may seem odd for some but this new goal will help you get the healthy weight and waistline that you need.

Take your time eating

Find a nice and quiet place to eat your food and don’t be in a hurry to finish. Chew your food peacefully. It helps you relax physically and mentally. Make time for eating your meal and always sit down at a table and take small amounts of food.

Small exercises

Walk, take the stairs, do some yoga or just simply stretch. Releasing even just little endorphins in the body will help your immune system.

Lastly, take a nap. It’s refreshing and makes a big difference.